Supervision and data recording from the storage rooms

BRICAM is a powerful computer program for visualization and registration of the variables that intervene in degreening process: temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, ethylene, equipment operation, … as well as for programming the desired levels of each of these variables. It also allows us to send alarm messages when the pre-set limits for each variable are exceeded.

The visualization of the current state of the cameras is done on its own schematic drawing, offering on a single screen all the relevant information (temperature, humidity, CO2, equipment operation, …), in a very clear and intuitive way.

The registers of the different variables and the performance of the equipment of a room are presented superimposed, so that the influence of one on the other can be appreciated without difficulty: doors opening, extractors operation, humidifiers, …

This data is available to the authorized operators from any point connected to the WWW.


Computer data record of treatment lines and drenchers

Connected to the VARILINE, which controls the automatic dosing of products in the treatment lines, DATALINE collects the valuable information it has and shows it in a clear and useful way.

Display of the current values of all the lines:

  • Fruit flow
  • Fruit variety
  • Product dose
  • Types of products

Permanent records of the data, with totalisations.