As a result of our commitment to society, at FOMESA FRUITECH  we have been pioneers in developing the widest range of natural products on the market, GREEN LINE.

GREEN LINE products respond to the consumers requirements that more and more demand a reduction in the number of pesticides and residues of phytosanitary products that are used in fruits and vegetables, without affecting the quality of the products that reach the market.

GREENLINE products help reduce wastage of fruits and vegetables in a sustainable way.


Optimal conservation


Safe marketing


Partial and even total reduction of plant protection products

In addition, GREEN LINE range helps to maintain efficiency and reduces the risk of resistance to the limited number of authorized phytosanitary products in postharvest, whose good, conscious and rational use is convenient to preserve over time.

 GREEN LINE is a set of natural treatments that allows to achieve a safe conservation and commercialization, but with an important or even total reduction of the phytosanitary treatments.

Currently, GREEN LINE has a solution for each of the usual uses of phytosanitary products used in the warehouse. 

GREEN LINE products can be used alone or in combination with the authorized phytosanitary products, so that they help to adjust the doses of the same and to control the resistance of the fungi.