Design and manufacturing adapted to the special needs of each customer

At FOMESA FRUITECH we design and develop a wide range of machines and equipment for application, dosing and control, optimized for the correct use of the products that the company markets:

  • Brushes machines.
  • Drenchers.
  • Applicators and distributors for treatment products.
  • Automatic dosers of products online and for preparing broths treatments.

This equipment, manufactured under the highest quality standards and exceeding the requirements of safety and hygiene regulations, are designed to be adapted to the customer’s specifications and the rest of their equipment in their warehouse, creating a set that allows the integration in a flexible way all the different treatments to be carried out on the fruit.

Treatment line scheme

Treatment scheme line

Degreening rooms equipments

Likewise, FOMESA FRUITECH is a specialist in the installation of equipment for degreening rooms:

• Heating.
• Humidification.
• Automatic control of ventilation and ethylene supply.
• Gas analyzers.
• Remote monitoring systems.
• Computer data logging.

The equipment’s are designed and manufactured by FOMESA FRUITECH specifically for each customer, adapted to the configuration of the customer’s cold rooms and offering the latest technologies adapted to the requirements and the way each packinghouse works.


Water management

Aware of the importance of the volume of water used in a fruit and vegetable plant, at FOMESA FRUITECH we have developed a system that allows for sustainable and effective water use, aligned with our objectives of been environmentally friendly and responsible towards society.

Data management

At FOMESA FRUITECH we have the latest technology to manage the most relevant data in your warehouse (temperature, humidity, CO2, ethylene, equipment operations, fruit flow, product dosage …) with a simple click and from any device with internet connection (mobile phone, tablet or computer).