Brushing machines for waxing, washing and on-line

Robust stainless-steel machinery designed for the proper application of treatment products on brushes tables. Equipped with adequate self-cleaning systems, fruit extraction, water collection, etc.

Suitable for coatings and on-line treatments application.

Also available in longer lengths for fruit washing.

They are integrated into the treatment lines and therefore are custom designed, adapted to the specifications of the rest of the line.

  • Maximum reliability
  • Easy maintenance


Pallet drench

Robust stainless-steel machinery for drenching fruit pallets. In various configurations and sizes, suitable for the production and geometry of each plant.


> Double cabin: Versatile and compact, for small enclosed spaces and medium productions.

> Of chains: For large productions, with improved draining.

> Mixed cabin-chains: Practical solution for limited spaces.


              >High   >Low dock   >In pit

              >With additional conveyors   >With pallet weighing system

              >For loading with pallet truck   >Suitable for bins


> High coating

> Maximum reliability

> Low maintenance

Adapted to the ECODRENCHER technology for the optimized management of fungicidal treatments.


Coating application at the end of line

TOPSPRAY wax application equipment at end of line, with capacity for multiple spray guns.


Environmental disinfection

Environmental disinfection systems for the areas of greatest risk of spore’s generation and diffusion: dumps, selection tables, …

Based on the spraying of liquid disinfectants, programmed to be applied during the night.